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GOG Enmey marker

The GoG eNMEy Marker Paintball Gun has raised the bar of what an entry level paintball gun can be. The GoG eNMEy is a fully pneumatic mechanical marker. That means it doesn’t need any batteries or electronics; just gas up the eNMEy and go play. The eNMEy is a spool valve design like many high end markers so it is lighter weight, doesn’t “kick” like…

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Tippmann Bravo One Elite

The new Tippmann Bravo One Elite is only slightly different to the very famous Bravo One Tactical, but the removable carry handle is a great upgrade, allowing you to mount scopes and red dot sights on your Bravo One. The new shroud with picatinny under-barrel mount allows to use foregrips, bipods, and many other tactical accessories under your barrels. The Tippmann Bravo marker range offers…

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HK Army Paintball Bullet

HK Army Paintball Bullet HK Army Paintball Bullet memberikan kualitas, kelas menengah paintball yang dapat dipercaya dalam skenario lapangan turnamen. Shell hijau yang gelap dan metalik menyajikan bola siluman yang membuat lawan  lebih sulit untuk melihat datangnya bola. Paintballs Premier berkinerja baik di semua kondisi cuaca dan lingkungan. Kelas Premier dikembangkan untuk memberi pemain paintball yang andal dan akurat dengan harga terjangkau. DETAIL: * Metallic Green…

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