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Tippmann Bravo One Elite

The new Tippmann Bravo One Elite is only slightly different to the very famous Bravo One Tactical, but the removable carry handle is a great upgrade, allowing you to mount scopes and red dot sights on your Bravo One. The new shroud with picatinny under-barrel mount allows to use foregrips, bipods, and many other tactical accessories under your barrels.

The Tippmann Bravo marker range offers durability, reliability and realism at an affordable price and incorporates several popular features and upgrades, including:

High-performance 11″ barrel

Removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit

Easy-to-maintain in-line bolt system

All aluminum die cast receiver

Tippmann 98 Barrel Thread

Stainless steel gas line

Quick release elbow for easy maintenance

Features unique to the Bravo One Elite:
– Removable Carry Handle
– Picatinny Rail
– M16 Shroud with Picatinny under barrel mount
– Removable M16 Stock

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